Astra Photography

Gposer | Cloaked Cork owner

📸 Photography

My love for quality photos has pushed me to grow as a gposer. With a keen eye to detail, a desire for only the highest quality result and the ability to work quickly, I believe that I could produce your next favorite photo!

🎶 The Cloaked Cork

The Cork is a bard venue for friends to hang out and pick on each other. Saturday nights we fill our speakeasy with elder-emos and let our nostalgia take us away from the troubles of yesterday.


Pictures are the best way to capture memories. I was inspired as a young lady to start photographing the moments that meant the most to me. As I grew older, my attention to detail grew with me.In each each of my photos, I do my best to ensure exceptional quality, and satisfaction. From lighting, clipping, and even the direction of your gaze, every detail is acknowledged.

The Cloaked Cork

On February 4th 2023, The Cloaked Cork opened its doors to music lovers and soon to be friends to host some of Eorzea's most talented bards. This speakeasy, which is open on Saturday nights, has become a staple for good tunes, good laughs, and better friends. With plenty of variety in how you like to spend your time, you are sure to find enjoyment between the friendly banter and the nostalgic songs of our elder emo youth.Visit the Corks carrd for more information!

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My current pricing is as follows:SFW (Full Body) -
- 500k gil - 3 photos
- 1m gil - 5 photos
- Add 300k gil per extra person
Headshots -
- 300k gil - 3 photos.
Waist up -
- 400k gil - 3 photos.
Boudoir (Full Body)-
1m gil - 5 photos.
Add ons -
200k gil each
- Additional photos
- Location change
- Outfit change
Prices are subject to change based on effort and time put into your request.
This will be updated as I grow in this venture.